Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Beauty and Versatility of Rose Tattoos

The Beauty and Versatility of Rose TattoosRose tattoos are very versatile tattoo designs. Although a rose is an image that is very feminine in nature, a lot of men sport this kind of tattoos. Rose originally bred in ancient Persia. Back in those days, a rose is actually considered as a masculine flower. As years go by, modern culture viewed a rose as something delicate and lovely. As the process of cultivation improved, roses now come in a number of variations and are seen in different bright colors.

Years back, rose tattoos are very popular among sailors. Today, rose tattoos are more common in women than in men. In Greek mythology, roses originally appear to be white. It is not until the goddess Aphrodite pricked her fingers on one of its thorns that her blood drop on a white rose flower and turned it red. Rose tattoos are related to females and are used as symbolism of love.

Roses can also mean a number of emotions. Red rose tattoos could mean respect and romance. White roses can be a symbol for purity and innocence. Bridal white roses are a favorite among newlyweds, they symbolize happy love and marriage. Yellow roses are a picture of joy, devotion and friendship, while coral roses (hot red color) could mean desire and passion. Light peach roses signify friendship and modesty. Orange depicts fascination, while light pink roses are a symbol of admiration and grace. Pink roses in darker hues simply say 'thanks'. A combination of yellow and red roses means congratulations and is often given during graduation day. A mix of yellow and orange roses could mean passionate thoughts and a mix of white and red roses symbolizes dignity.

It is a good thing that we now have colored ink for tattoos. With the choices of colors above, you can now pick the symbolism that you think is appropriate with your personality and life experience. Although red are the most common color of rose tattoos, you can always get a different color that suits you according to their meanings as mentioned above.

A rose tattoo can also be paired with other tattoo designs or tattoo fonts. You can place them beside an angel or a shooting star. For men, roses covered in vines and combined with a dagger is also very common. Roses with daggers can actually mean grief or loss/ rejection of a loved one. Men usually request rose tattoos to be drawn with a dagger and are usually drawn across their arms. Men often use rose tattoos with an image that symbolize their love for another person or the name of their partner.

Because of the versatility of rose tattoos, you wear virtually anywhere. Almost every tattoo spot can have a rose tattoo on them. You can wear them big or go for a cuter image and have them drawn small. Roses are perfect when worn on the arms or around it. Trailing rose vines can be placed around the waist, wrist or arm. Female rose tattoos are often inked on their chest or on their lower back. Roses that are drawn with bright colors are a symbol of joy and positive thoughts and are often worn by women, young and adults alike.