Monday, 14 December 2009

Cute Tattoos For Cute Girls

Sexy Girls Tattoo Flower butterfly tattoos are a very popular choice amongst girls. Over the last few years designers have started to create some really cute tattoos for girls. A generation ago, most designs were created for men and were very large in comparison to the new feminine tattoos.

A butterfly tattoo has a very powerful image that can reflect a persons own story and personality. The caterpillar having a tough early life grows and becomes an object of beauty. Flowers with their attractive colors are a sign of inner peace. Combining the two and you have a very powerful tattoo that is also cute and feminine.

Another popular tattoo theme for girls you might want to think about is the tribal tattoo. Often placed on the lower back the tribal tattoo can also go around the wrist, which can be easily covered by a watch or wristband for formal events.

Deciding on a final design can be difficult, i would recommend avoiding the tattoo books at your local parlor, quite often you can end up with a tattoo that half of your city is sporting. Creating your own tattoo with pen and paper is one of the best options, or you could ask an artist to draw a few designs for you. There are a few websites that you can browse for tattoo templates.

Online Tattoo galleries are a great resource. Although there is a small fee, you have access to thousands of unique tattoo templates. Tattoos designs such as the flower butterfly usually have their own category, which really helps when searching for your favorite design.

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