Friday, 11 December 2009

Moon Star Fairy Tattoos

Moon star fairy tattoos are a wonderfully unique combination. This is a great example of how you can combine more than one image to get a great tattoo design. If you use your imagination you can come up with an almost infinite number of ways to combine these designs. I'll give you some ideas and tell you where you can go to get more ideas and great professional designs to use.

Fairies represent youthfulness and playfulness. Some are cute and fun, others are mischievous. If you feel that your personality is like a fairy, this is a good design for you. Many women get moon star fairy tattoos because there is a lot of symbolism in them. A tattoo is personal; it is your statement to the world. By having moon star fairy tattoos you are expressing a side of yourself that many people may not get to see often.

As I said there are many ways you can combine these images to have a fun, unique design. You can have your fairy sleeping on a crescent moon with stars twinkling up above. Usually fairies are portrayed as only coming out at night so you can have your fairy playing among the stars and swinging on the moon. These are just a few ideas for moon star fairy tattoos, I'm sure if you used your imagination, you could come up with many more.

If you go to a good online tattoo gallery, you have a chance to let your imagination run wild. The good galleries have thousands of tattoo designs to browse through. If you have an idea of where you want to get your tattoo inked, you can do a search on that body part and see images of moon star fairy tattoos on real people. A membership online tattoo gallery allows you to download as many tattoo designs as you want. You can print out some that you like and pick parts to put together to make your perfect design.