Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Finished up a upper tribal sleeve on Sam today! It really feels good to have done this tattoo in 5 hours start to finish. Custom design by yours truly. Next is Shawn's 1st tattoo, I asked him if it hurt and he said  "No big deal, I thought it would be worse" Next is Athena, we did stars down her side and over her shoulder, and her sons names. Lillies and roses are on Nicole, her 13 year old sister drew lillie design!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Tattoo as The Beautiful Body Art and Popular

  • Body Art

Body art is very broad term which includes ear piercing to a funky tattoo, painting or you can say everything related to skin decoration. Today there is a craze among college students especially to get a funky tattoo done. Having a body art done is a means to express themselves and their individuality.
Besides piercing and tattooing body painting is growing in popularity as a body art form. Body art painting treats human body as a blank canvas, and beautiful crafty colorful pictures are drawn on it. Although this artistry may not be your drawing room's show case they are still splendid.
These days companies have employed a new marketing funda of using body painting as a form of advertising. Many advertisements showcase the models with company logos painted onto their bodies.
Be it a sports day at school or cricket match in the country or going in discs beautiful body art, or painting is apparent. Fans many times express their love and compassion for their favorite team by painting the team mascot or writing their favorite team's name.
  • Tattoo as the popular body art

Tattoos are very old art, anciently practiced as marking to identify animals or some convicts and also as permanent ornaments to decorate the body. The word Tattoo is actually derived from a Tahitian word "Tatau." The regularly growing passion Tattoos differ in patterns between males and females. Where males prefer tribal, skull, scorpion patterns, females go for angel, sun, moon patterns.
Tattoos may be permanent or temporary. Heena or mehandi, sticker tattoo or that drawn from water colors is temporary tattoos. Permanent tattoos are much painful and costly too. Inspite of pain involved tattooing has been practiced by modern as well as tribes across the world. The procedure of making tattoos too sports a wide variety; in some cultures tattoos are formed from scaring and rubbing it with ashes or charring while pricking with thorns to insert dyes in others.
  • Uses of Tattoo
  1. Decorative and spiritual uses of tattoos involve symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, mark of fertility, amulets and talismans for protection.
  2. Now-a-days people choose to be tattooed for cosmetic and sentimental purposes. Extensive decorative tattooing is common for traditional freak shows and by performers who follow in their tradition.
  3. Tattoos are a marking that gives an idea about status and rank of an individual.
  4. The tattoos were carved out for identification of inmates by Nazis. Sometime a tattoo can be useful for forensic pathologists as they might help identify burned or mutilated bodies.
  5. These days for the cosmetic purpose tattoos are marked as permanent eyebrows, lips liner or lipstick, eye liner and even moles.
  6. A new application of tattoo is 'Medical tattoos.' Tattoos are used for in repeated radiotherapy and for breast reconstruction.
  • Method of Tattooing

Modern days tattoo parlors mushrooming in cities uses the electric tattoo machine which has an oscillating unit that has a mount of group of needles. These needles dipped in Azo- or Acri- dyes goes in and out of the skin around 80-150 times resulting into a gorgeous tattoo.

Fun Uses for Face and Body Painting

Body and face painting has turned into a popular activity amongst the most ubiquitous pastimes for gatherings where children are attending, and in addition to being a useful tool for photographers, craftsmen, and other individuals. One of the most amazing contrasts between them is the reason and when it is carried out. Face painting is customarily done on children, while body painting is carried out on older people.

This is something that numerous parents, or hosts of other occasions where children are attending, like to offer. It is a way for more youthful children to express their imagination and their distinctiveness by picking what kind of adornment they wish to have on their faces. It can incorporate straightforward designs, for example, hearts, blossoms, stars, or other essential items. On different occasions, contingent upon the expertise level of the face painter, a tyke could get a design painted over the whole face. Kids or mature people can have their faces painted to have them resemble a lion, a tiger, or different creatures.
Comedians additionally utilize it to make their character. Different grown-ups that utilize this type of painting within their existence are parts of the military or different performers, for instance, expert wrestlers can have their faces painted to depict the picture of a certain character.

Painting your body is far removed from face painting, however, the history of body painting goes back many years, regular dyes and clays have been utilized to paint parts of varying tribes. Body painting was utilized for distinctive functions or different customs in those tribes. As the years passed by, in the current age, this was utilized as a manifestation of aesthetic interpretation, fine workmanship, business purposes, and it is even utilized for political explanations, one sample is members of PETA painting their bodies to prevent the sale of animal hides. In spite of the fact that it could be carried out on a completely naked form, it can additionally be carried out on particular areas of the figure.

Expert body painters meet up at different celebrations and different occasions worldwide. At these celebrations, individuals can turn up wearing little in the way of clothes that mix in with whatever their body paint design is. In some games, ladies and men will utilize body paint on their face, arms, and middles to express their backing for their favorite sports teams.

As the increase in interest develops, body painting, in all of its forms is coming to be progressively better known across the globe paying little mind to age, sex of physical manifestation, or budgetary foundation. It is basically a method by which individuals can communicate creatively.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Art of Face and Body Painting

Face and body painting has become one of the most popular activities for parties where kids are present as well as popular technique for photographers, artists, and other people. One of the biggest differences between them is the purpose and when it is done. Face painting is traditionally done on kids, whereas body painting is done on adults.
  • Face Painting

This is something that many parents, or hosts of different events where kids are present, like to offer. It's a means for younger kids to express their creativity and their individuality by choosing what sort of decoration they want displayed on their faces. Face painting can include simple designs, such as hearts, flowers, stars, or other basic object. On other occasions, depending on the skill level of the face painter, a child could get an entire design painted across the entire face. Kids or adults can have their faces painted to have them look like a lion, tiger, or other animals. Clowns also use face painting to create their character. Other adults that use this form of painting in their life are members of the military or other entertainers, for example, professional wrestlers can have their faces painted to portray the image of a certain character.
  • Body Painting

On a whole is completely different from painting your face. As far back as we can go in history, natural pigments and clay has been used to paint members of different tribes. Body painting was used for different ceremonies or other rituals in those tribes. As the years went by, in the modern age, This was used as a form of artistic expression, fine art, commercial purposes, and it is even used for political reasons, one example is members of PETA painting their bodies to dissuade the use of animal furs. Although body painting can be done on an entirely nude body, it can also be done on specific sections of the body.

Professional body painters come together at different festivals and other events globally. At these festivals, people can come wearing minimal clothing that blends in with the rest of their painted outfit. In some sports, women and men will use body paint on their fact, arms, and torsos to express their support for different sports teams. As the increase interest grows, body painting, in all of its various forms is becoming increasingly more popular throughout the world regardless of age, gender of physical appearance, or financial background. It is simply a means by which people can express themselves artistically.