Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Got a couple of new tatty's to check out, first is on Anthony, I

started a eye in his elbow area and relined some older work. Next is Kyianna's tat for her baby. Last is Shelby's kitty nose on her big toe. Thanks to all the support of my new friends in Fairbanks!

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Got some sweet new ink to show off! First is Deric Siebers sleeve we started two weeks ago. Next is Nicole and her roses, followed by Marcs upper sleeve we started this week. Free spirit is on Jennifer from Louisiana. Wrenches are on Steve, and lillies are on miss Amanda. Star is on Michael and is his first tattoo. Butterfly heart is on Marlene and the handprint is on Mike My good friend Mike McNabb flew up from Indiana to work with me this week, I had a great time tattooing with him. With him in photos are Eva and Vivian. Thanks to Fairbanks for giving him so much work and appreciation.

Body Painting Model of the Year Award

The award goes to the model, that expresses and represents the bodypainting artwork the best. That includes the modeling on the main days, on stage as well as in the photo shooting area. This prize is awarded within the photo competition.
The award first time in history to a performance group, the models of the "Art Color Ballet" from Poland
Actress: Agnieska Glinska (Poland) / Poto: Darek Gutowski (Poland) 

Every year the art director Agnieska Glinska from Krakow the best bodypainting models and dancers to the World Bodypainting Festival. The main models in the World Awards were Anna Turzanska, Agata Glenc from Polen and guest performer Hyun Kim from South Korea. They performed also in the UV night contest as well as in the new "Installation Art Award" with further models such as Marta Mietelski, Joanna Czarnecka, Szymon Kamykowski, Maciej Talik and Grzegorz Szpak. The group was permanent in action throughout the whole day for visitors, in the photo areas on stage and for television. We are happy to hand over the unique trophy for the "Bodypainting Model of the Year" as part of a festive ceremony on the upcoming festival.
Installation Art Award
Actress: Anna Pogodinska (Poland) / Photo Federico Rossi (Italy) 
Actress: Agnieska Glinska & Anna Pogodinska (Poland) / Photo Arnold Brunner (Austria)

We had some other very good models at the World Bodypainting Festival 2012. So we started awarding also the second and third prize, which goes to:
  • Ramona Schl√∂ssinger from Germany
Actress: Einat Dan (Israel) / Foto: Dmitri Moisseev (Canada)
  • Vitalia Abramova from Russia
Actress:Olga Sokolova (Russia) / Photo: Michael Pucher (Austria)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Australian Body Art Awards


Few things catch the attention of the public more than the clever, tasteful use of a moving, interacting human canvas displaying your brand message in a memorable way.
At product launches and promotional events, the public are far more likely to photograph themselves alongside an attractive male or female model (painted tastefully in your logo), than next to a billboard or poster.
Clever body painting is one of the top ten “most shared” images on social media. In this era where social media is a key delivery tool for branding, viral sharing of these photos containing your logo (incorporated into an eye-catching piece of body art) provides unparalleled opportunity for extending the customer ‘reach’ of your brand.
In print advertising, the viewer is far more likely to “look twice” at an advertisement where a clever optical illusion is used, created via high quality body art.
At live product launches, the ability for your ‘artwork’ (be it a painted celebrity, sports person or spokesmodel) to be interviewed and further push the brand message is even more valuable.

Australian Art Body Painting

http://swellower.blogspot.com/Tim Gratton works in a variety of mediums, however is internationally recognised for his cutting-edge work in body painting developed over the past 18 years throughout Europe, USA and Australia. Together with a team of make up artists, models & dancers located in Australia and internationally they collaborate with him and his clients to produce uniquely stylish body art. Since 2003 Tim has collaborated with a variety of artists, models, make up artists and photographers around the world creating one off body art images. Body painting has lead him to become a world leader in the art form as well as being awarded World Bodypainting Champion twice. Tim developed Tim Gratton's Body & Face Paint with Australian company Matisse Derivan; he also produces competitions around Australia. During his travels, Tim has been a judge, educator, advisor and sponsor of the World Bodypainting Festival, Austria. Three documentaries have been produced charting his life achievements.