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Body arts tattoos women

Parents often warn teenagers that tattoos are a “phase” and that the teenager will grow out of it. Unfortunately, teenagers are in their own little vacuum and get tattoos regardless of parental advise.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pregnancy Tattoos Design

During a pregnancy, the net-like pattern of the tattoo would expand across the stomach protectively, and figures god would sometimes protected women during childbirth, were tattooed on their thighs.

Tribal Henna Tattoo - Temporary tattoos

tribal henna tattoos
Custom tattoo designs for temporary tattoos

Cherry Blossoms Tattoo in Art

Cherry Blossoms TattooOne of natures very stunning and beautiful delicate flower tattoo is the cherry blossom tattoos. It is used as a very unique tattoo design that has become popular with women today. In the Japanese and Chinese traditions the flower plays a crucial role and hold strong symbolic meanings dear to their cultures.

Researching cherry blossom art will help you find out what it represents and get a better understanding to the importance of this design. This symbol provided by nature isn't just an image inked into the flesh, it is in itself a wondrous work of art. You can obtain a lot of useful information on the design of the cherry blossom by researching ancient art work and paintings of the Asian cultures. Your community library ought to hold a vast collections of resources you can find useful.

Culturally the Japanese and Chinese interpretations of these tattoos are very unique, so please take the moment to do some investigation on the two. Each Asian culture has their own rendition and aspect regarding the cherry blossoms symbolic meanings.
Cherry Blossoms freehand Tattoo
Chinese Blossom Meanings
The symbolic importance of the cherry blossoms is that of power, beauty, dominance and it is a symbol of love that is highly sacred in the Chinese culture. The Chinese recognized its simple beauty and have portrayed it in many of their art over the centuries.

Japanese Blossom Meanings
The blossoms are a symbolic reference to life being to short lived and that one must not get attached to something for it will eventually come to an end. Fallen flower petals of this design are symbolic to that of the beauty of snow or it can relate to a youthful warrior who lost his life in the time of battle.

back piece Cherry Blossoms TattooAs you explore more of the art and meanings behind both cultures you'll find out why the cherry blossom is significant and very powerful in Asian traditions. There are many extravagant art designs to choose from.

Popular styles of cherry blossoms you can choose from.
These varieties was widely used in their traditional art work.

* Somei Yoshino - Mostly white with a hint of pink.
* Yaezakura - A larger flower variety with deep pink colored.
* Shidarezakura - The most popular style due to its weeping branches.koi tattoo and Cherry Blossoms Tattoo