Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sexy Lower Back Tattoos For Girls - An Amazingly Popular Choice

Lower back tattoos first became popular in the 1990s, when crop tops and half shirts were in style. Girls realized that not only were they perfect to show off their newest tats, but that tattooing the lower back highlighted a curvy and feminine part of the body perfectly. Sexy lower back tattoos for girls are still very much in style, and they are great to show off at the beach or wherever you go!

These tattoos are usually oblong in shape - this highlights the feminine curves of the body. Most tattoos are an image surrounded by elongated lines, patterns, or designs. Common central images include a star, heart, butterflies, dolphins, dragons, or a cross. Common designs around the image include vines, wings, flames, or swirly designs. The design is usually widest in the center and then tapers off as it extends outward. Occasionally, a back tattoo may wrap farther around onto the waist or side of a girl, and this is both beautiful and unique.

Another shape of tattoo is the round tattoo on the lower back. This is a very different look, but still attractive in its own way. If you ask which is sexier, oblong or round, the answer will be oblong. It just highlights a girl's shape better. But round tattoos like suns and other circular designs look great and make a statement too.

Getting a tat in this area is a great idea for lots of reasons. For one, it offers a great, flat expanse to work with. It's a perfect spot for a tattoo. And unlike the abdomen, it won't change or stretch out so much with age, weight gain, or pregnancy. Flashing a lower back tat is sexy because it's on a part of the body that we don't often see. It's usually covered by clothes, so getting a peek at a lower back tattoo is very appealing.

Tattoos are becoming so popular now, in fact, that you may want to reconsider your decision. It's fine to get a tattoo, but some estimates say that 20% of all women have lower back tattoos, and that is quite high. If you love the tattoo and its location, go for it. But if you are going to be bothered by the fact that there are so many out there like it, maybe choose a more unconventional location like the side or the wrist.