Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Butterfly Tattoo Design With Color Mixing Ideal

For small butterfly design would require a fairly high level of accuracy. because of its small media, of course, also with a balanced color mixing. You can look at a picture of butterfly tattoo designs small, very nice.
Butterfly tattoo designs are popular small.

 Butterfly tattoo designs are popular small.

 Butterfly tattoo designs are popular small.

Butterfly Tattoo Placement Ideal

Small butterfly tattoo is very popular. Placing a tattoo is not an easy thing. We must adjust the size in advance rather than a tattoo. You can see examples of placement of small butterfly tattoo ideal.

Small butterfly tattoo on her back

Small butterfly tattoo on stomach

Stargazer Lily Tattoo United

 Stargazer Lily is one of the varieties identified lily. Stargazer lily flower color is thick, as the edge of the petals are usually bright white and the inside of the eyelid is common to have lush pink and red spots.
 Stargazer lily is now in use as material for the topic of tattoos. stargazer lily tattoos have symbolically represented the god of the west. Stargazer lily tattoo is usually found on women's shoulders, neck, lower back, arms and legs. Tattoo design is also used to make tattoos and ankle bracelets.
 Pink stargazer lily tattoo show great wealth and prosperity. It is also used to show a young innocent. At the same time, for a number of users of the tattoo, it also symbolizes the greatness and purity as it relates to Mother Mary. stargazer lily flower tattoos are made, because they also symbolize fertility or procreative and erotic love.

Body Art Tattoo / Art Fusion Tattoo

Tattoo art is increasingly widespread because of what? in 2011 has proved more and more designs tattoo designs with hand creations creative hand. Art tattoos are now also much-loved young adolescents. because art tattoos can show their creativity.
Tattoo Art 2011

Tattoo Art Design

Flower Tattoo Art

Animal Tattoo Art

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Generation 3D Nail Design 
Now nail tattoo comes with 3D design. 3D design is that which appeared to nail a real tattoo because tattoos are more prominent nails. course material is needed not only ink but also the accessories that will be installed on the nail. you can see examples of 3D design on the nail.
If you want to create designs on the image above you first look for a small flower which you will use to decorate your nails. 
  Maybe if the design of this one will require a fairly expensive because the cost of accessories used are small accessories like jewels. yes, although not the original gem.

Nail Design 2011 Utilizing Multiple Lines 
 Now the nail is a very unique design. For example, the design of the picture, only with a clean design lines line could be more beautiful nails. 
For this design resembles a nail eyelid, which is also just a line and then added variations to beautify. 
 While the color combination of black and gold, your nails will look more beautiful.

Popular Designs Body Art Tattoos
 You want a tattoo design body art must mean exceptional and you should be proud of your tattoos / body art. For example, with flower tattoos, bat tattoos, and much more.
For the location of the tattoo image affects meaning not to mention its aesthetic quality. Mission tattoo you will add meaning and influence on the design. Some tattoo designs body art are intended to be a secret for so many reasons you would put a tattoo in a prominent place to not only shared with anyone you choose. 

 Look at the main reason why people get tattoos, so they can show to all their friends. So do a little research and find the best design so that you can you can use one you find one or two or combine designs to get a tattoo body art design you want. There are seeing a good place to go on the Internet to find a qualified design

Flowers Full Body Art Tattoos

Monday, 28 March 2011


Justin beiber tattoo. Teen singing sensation justin beiber gets a tattoo.

Justin beiber photos emerged showing him getting, and then sporting, a small tattoo on his torso or lower stomach or hip, whatever you call that part of body.

Various colors Lily Flower Tattoos

Lily flower tattoos now there are many kinds of colors. Of course, with flower designs are varied. You can see the choice of some lily tattoo designs in the picture. Lily tattoos are now there are many sizes depending customize the place to be tattooed. 
Blue Flower Lily Tattoo
Orange Flower Lily Tattoo On Foot
Pick Flower Long Lily Tattoo

Tribal tattoos on arm

Tribal tattoo on the arm is very exotic. Because tattoos tribe implies a very significant for men. If you are confused to choose designs tribal tattoos for your arm, here I give example of tribal tattoo designs for the arm. 
Excotic Tribal Tattoo 
Permanent Tribal Tattoo 
Tribal Tattoo On Arm
Design Tribal Tattoo

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Small Star Tattoo Designs Have Been Prepared Elongated 
Small star tattoo designs are very popular arranged lengthwise in the year 2011. with this star-designed tattoos on the body of course will look beautiful. Here the star tattoo that only use one color black only. 
Star tattoos are not only placed on the body, but also to the tattoo on the back with a small star tattoo arranged lengthwise.

Lily Flower Tattoo Designs For Foot 
Flower tattoos on foot are now very popular among women. Many women place their tattoos small flowers at its feet. Like the lily flower or other flowers.
There also are using floral design long enough until he came on the heel. Tattoo design that one is using ink temporay, which are temporary. That which a moment can we replace the other flower tattoo designs.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Body Art Tattoo Angel - Full Body or Small Tattoo

Angel tattoo designs are good with a high degree of accuracy can make a real tattoo designs. Some examples of tattoo designs angel. 
 Angel Full Body Art Tattoo 
Little Angel Tattoo On It There Is a Ring 
Little Angel Tattoo On a Star

Black Light Tatto Very Beautiful - Black Light Font Design

Black light tattoos are now the new design. using the design of letters or words with a lot of people liked it. For example in the picture. they make a word using Black Light tattoo ink designed in his hand. 
Black Light Tatto Very Beautiful
Black Light Font Design 
Popular Black Light Font Design