Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Coy Fish Tattoo-Courage and Determination to Break Any Hurdles

coy fish tattoo imagecoy fish tattoo designsCoy fish tattoo is something that is sharp and sleek in shape and represents courage, boldness, ambitions, improvements, endurance, good luck, freedom, strong character, and resilience. Men and women flaunt with coy fish tattoo on different parts of their bodies.

Coy fish tattoo inked upstream is associated with struggles to attain something; on the contrary, the coy fish tattoo moving downstream shows the tattooee has already overcome the problem.

The coy fish tattoo in image is a superb green tattoo that is showing the ever-growing struggles of the person to attain something. It is surrounded by several pink stars and heart signs, and it adds value-in-sight to the tattoo.

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