Thursday, 23 April 2009

Mark Reid's Laughter

Mark Reid has the best laugh. It's real and it rolls...... and in his rise as a successful painter and instructor in face and body art..... he's laughing even more these days.

He is one of those artist that it just flows from him - a god given gift. And he shares that gift by showing others how to paint. Mark spent years a single dad, he has three children and now grandchildren and he had spent his fair time clipping coupons so yes he's due.

Years ago I took Mark's first class, then a year later I took another private class with him - and darn it to this day if I don't hear him in my ear as I paint....
I prefer to hear him in my head yelling .."Loretta...." across a ballroom or club crowded with body painters and models..... as I ever sooo slowing respond. I guess the superstar thing hasn't awed me as it has others. Mark is Mark, full of laughter and beautiful images.